“The Kettle Sentence” Khartoum Tea Ladies exposing the abuse committed by the Public Order Regime Khartoum, April 2013

English, افادات الناجيات والناجيين Survivors Testimonies

The police ambush confiscate all the materials and goods of the women street vendors, if they confiscated only one seat you have to pay a fine of 51 SDG.

Testimony of a tea lady working in Arkaweet

I haven’t worked for the past 5 days, the police ambushes are very extensive these days and I’m afraid that my belongings will be confiscated. I’m not earning enough money to pay the 51 SDG fines. I was consuming 9 kg of powdered milk daily. Recently I’m buying only 2 kg of powdered milk because I don’t know if I’ll finish it before they arrive.

The street children used to notify us when they see the police car coming. Previously the police would have a separate ambush to the Ethiopian tea ladies from the Sudanese tea ladies, now they target us all.

You cannot expect the day that they will come. Once an ambush happened on Friday and when we went to the locality quarters to pay the fine, they told us that they had not conducted an ambush on Friday. When we described the appearance of the police officers they said “well they are former officers and no longer working for the police”. So until now we don’t know who is committing Friday ambushes; if they were Public Order Police (POP), locality officers or society security police.

The Kettle Sentence

Police ambushes are conducted by different sections of the police, between 7 and 8 pm; they are conducted by society security police and the localities. We are trying very hard to avoid POP ambushes which happen between 10 and 11 pm. If they catch you, even if you were about to leave, you will be arrested, detained for the whole night and asked to pay a fine of 102 SDG which is called “The Kettle Sentence – Hokm Alkafatera”.

In Public Order Police ambushes you would never know who the senior officer is because all of them are talking and making orders. It’s the same when you go to the police station.

Clean the Land

Another woman testified that: You would never know the reason behind the ambush; the officer does not explain anything, they just take your things. We heard that the new quartermaster of Khartoum does not want to see any working women in the streets and he ordered to “clean the land”.

When you go to the locality quarters they first ask you “Do you have a license? Do you have a health certificate?” If you don’t have them they will not tell you anything and just ask

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