“The Lubna Case” from Mimzology

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This case is making my blood boil. Here it is on BBC, Al-Arabiyya (Arabic) and Facebook (Arabic). Fellow blogger Zoulcolm X writes about it here.

Okay, read all about it?

Ready to discuss?

Tell me what your initial thoughts were.

Mine were… instant jaw drop. And a slight head spin. Some nausea as well.

Are these people serious?!

Okay, I personally don’t think anything is wrong with the way this lady is dressed. But just for the sake of argument, let’s assume her outfit is non-Islamic and “annoying to the public taste”. If that’s the case then she shouldn’t be the only one facing such charges. The whole of Khartoum should be awaiting trials for “indecent public presentation” as well.

I am not just saying this, but I live in Khartoum and I see how women are dressed in this city. I am also one of these women, this is how I dress. This is how my sisters dress, my cousins, my aunts, my friends, my neighbors and almost everyone I know.

How come we aren’t facing these charges too?

Because the system is a corrupt one and Mrs. Lubna was obviously targeted for the material she writes. They didn’t like what she had to say so they found another way to bring her “down”.

I admire you Lubna for your courage and for standing up for the thousands of oppressed Sudanese women, who are abused in the name of “pseudo-morality”.

My advice for our lovely government, please tackle the more important issues our country is facing first. I have a list you can get started on:

The war in darfur.
Poverty and starvation.
Unavailability of drinking water.
Drugs and prostitution.
The high unemployment rate.
The insufficient wages.
Where the money of retired citizens at?
The high taxes.
The constant power cuts.

And when you’re done with those we can maybe address issues of how females wearing pants in a private venue “annoys the public taste”.